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Pam Cobb, painter, sculptor, and native Memphian, has created art for the gallery and the Urban Art Commission. Represented by the Jay Etkin Gallery since its inception, Cobb works in acrylic over gold leaf, often with sculptural elements. Her public art projects include a stainless steel installation for the Memphis Northeast Police Precinct, an aluminum installation for the Exchange Club Family Center, and a wooden sculpture installation for the Cordova Library.

Cobb's use of gold leaf reflects her wish to elevate the commonplace to a higher status. Attributing human characteristics to inanimate forms, she believes in the animistic spirit of all things. Rocks and trees exist side by side with her in the out of doors. Water offers comfort and solace. Feeling most at home in a natural setting, she borrows her subjects and gleans her inspiration from the area around the Tennessee River.

A former art instructor at Christian Brothers University and the University of Memphis, Cobb finds rewards in working with young people. Jay Etkin and Pam Cobb started a non-profit organization called Art City Kids, Inc., a forum for at-risk youths to work through feelings using visual and performance arts.

Pam Cobb has shared her work with others in commercial and residential collections over the past two decades and she continues to sift through a wealth of subject matter offered by nature.