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Jon Lee
Artist's Statement

"I am fascinated with my past as a graffiti writer. There is something about the raw & pure energy, not to mention the dedication that is put into street art that makes me enjoy the medium so much. I take this raw and pure energy and explode onto canvas almost in the same nature I would a wall. My technique is the use of the same materials I would use outdoor: aerosol, latex, hand cut stencils and markers in combination with more traditional methods: acrylic, oil, encaustic, Letraset, epoxy resins and polycrylics.
My most recent work subject has been a blend of urban elements: decayed & rustic colors | abstracted markings: letterforms, brush strokes & scraped paint | and Asian elements: fish, monkeys, cows and other life interpreted objects all mixed together to create an intense and dynamic composition. In my paintings and mixed works, I allow the pieces to take on their own life. I start out by tossing paint, smearing paint, pouring paint, spraying paint, buffing it in and out with various size rollers, very rarely using any themes or sketches (usually just the format and size). I do this to keep rawness & spontaneity as a major factor. In my larger scale works, I utilize the technique and format to work together to suck you in and over power you. My entrapment becomes your entrapment.
My backgrounds in the larger works are similar to the smaller works. They contain a mixture of paint dripping, splashing and dropping, but there is a lot more of hand drawing and stenciling laid down in multiple layers being buffed out by rollers allowing just a bit to show through. Sometimes the foregrounds will consist of buffed roller marks allowing certain to areas show through, enticing you to come closer."